Janus Head

ambiguity of thinking…

I am not who you think,
grey-haired for safe-keeping,
single-minded with my hidden heart.
Something I did not tell,
a broken thread, a casual
remark – say, a tiny spark
has set my mind alight,
fanning the flames
while you were asleep.
No dream here. Double I see
and I am, a Janus head
as found in ancient Roman temples
reaching in two directions.
Am I the reflection of myself,
or a distorted image in its flow
that proofs its undertow,
each advance complemented
by a retreat, every rise
transformed into a fall?
Am I in search of both ways
for multiple answers?
I am nothing and all,
a body and a mind and eyes
that judge distances
from you to me,
from my hands to your face,
from yin to yang.

© Yutka 2023
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Ianus was not an ancient god of the Greeks, and i do not think there are ancient Greek temples depicting Ianus. the first Ianus who was a Roman god an Etruscan mythological entity if i am not mistaken, indeed came from Thessaly from wiki “Janus was considered by Romans the first king of Latium, sometimes along with Camese.” it was the ‘other’ god or mythological creature, Abraxas, the same god we find in one of Esse’s books Demian. this particular Abraxas was found in greek magic papiri and the name must be studied further as it is also connected with… Read more »

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