Small Town

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Within a small circle four coffee shops,
six pubs, five take-aways,
one gambling parlour,
two charity shops. Houses crumbling
in paved gardens under nettles.
Solitary alcoholics smoking outside entrances,
teenagers huddled in corners behind the church.
People queue for fish and chips
with children and dogs on streets
that close in and go on with their day.
At night the never-ending barking
of distressed dogs, shadows
of errant cats slinking past,
the angry voices of drunks
in the early hours.
Dark windows, empty streets waiting
for the absent light to entangle the stars,
but to be blinded by the glare of street lamps,
that cruelly edges into bedrooms
interrupting sleep.

© Yutka 2020
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Excellent descriptive poem, Yutka, that many will recognise as the raw reality of overpopulation turning city suburbs into sprawling slums. When I grew up in London, all the front gardens of family houses were well-kept patches of grass, privet hedges and roses. Now they’re packed with rows of wheely-bins, due to the multiple-occupancy of every room, curtains drawn behind filthy, diesel-coated windows, hallways pungent with cooking smells or the sickly-sweet doft of hash. And that’s in the better areas where the narcotic fraternity don’t clutter front steps shouting at each other throughout the night. In your last stanza, the sodium… Read more »

a Dark city like the movie came to mind

enjoyed the read


Good descriptive of sub-urban life. Have a listen to Beale Street by Jonathan Cooper-Clarke on YouTube as your piece reminds me of his poem.

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