My brothers

To two of my best friends, who happen to have been born on the same day the same year.

My friend, you must not warn me of your aspects,
the change of looks will never change your person,
and meeting you again has never caused me consternation
although years have passed between our reunification,
which the constant process of our mutual rejuvenation
never actually has let us down.
You are forever in my mind,
and I can feel that you have never left me,
although already as boys we felt the crisis
of our lives becoming almost something of a constant separation.
Strangely, both my best friends were approximately born
on the same day, like twins,
but so extremely opposite each other
in their background, character and personality
and even in their opposite approach to love.
And still, you are to me more close than brothers,
and I know that brotherhood will last
much longer and beyond all ties of family and blood.


© aurelio 2023
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different place different timestamp can make two people of the same star sign be as opposite as you describe, in fact the first breath of a newborn is essential too. so many details that define every one and everybody’s relationships.

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