An ancient love dream


Why do you fade so early,
lovely ladies,who give out your love too early,
wasting it on wrong unworthies
never to recover fully from mistakes
that mark your lives unnecessarily
with far too early grown grey hairs?
You used to have the loveliest hair
in all the world, and longest,
marking your integrity and freedom,
for that is the meaning of long hair:
a demonstration of personal freedom;
while you still in spite of decades
of mistakes and wrongs and sufferings
have that personal freedom left
and are the same in soul with all your beauty.
Once I gave you all my love
to never take it back,
and my word counts as much today
as it did then of all my warmest love and friendship
which still makes us twins of destiny
forever on the quest of new discoveries
of how to win and grow and manifest that love
that for some reason never became ours.


© aurelio 2023
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