The new orphanage

‘Tell me why you feel this way.’

‘I wish I could tell you. They are so caring. I have two sets of parents now.’


‘I’m in class V now. I am quite grown up. I need to understand the marriage of my parents has broken for good. I cannot expect them to be friends again.’

‘But they are friends Kanta…you know that.’

‘O yes, I am sorry… I didn’t mean that; I know they are best of friends (curling up to the Teddy her parents gifted her when she was sent for playschool, she refused to leave her mom…her parents were in love with each other then).’

‘So? You have understood, you not only have two sets of parents, you have two homes, and one brother. I don’t understand what more you want. Once the marriage is broken it’s broken, you expect your parents to waste their lives and stay fighting with each other?’

‘Masi (aunty) why’s he my half-brother? Is it because he also comes from a broken marriage?’

‘How funny!’ (Her aunt smiles, but takes Kanta on her lap…didn’t know why she felt the pain of her mother’s death when she was her age when her aunt hugged her to tell her she’d be there for her.

She hugged Kanta. The Teddy lied on the bed looking at them.

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one of the most important titles for a story. changes everything

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