Beth Hart, Tremendous Blues


But Hart not exactly my type.

I start her DVD, “Front and Center,”

2018 NYC.  Cruise, familiar

Songs, until Hart launches into

Tell Her You Belong To Me.

Not about a lover, but her Father,

And a woman he left his family, daughter

For.  Now, I Leave The Light On, 

Scary dark, cigarette burns on arms.

She belts out song, after song.

And so, I’m thinking, how little

We know, how little we know.  

In her cage, she’s singing her ass off–

Tattoos, scars, her blue eyes. 

© slovitt 2023
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who is Cruise?? St Vincent Beth Hart I googled them, had to. i didn’t know them.
i will abstain from remarking on these brand new musicians.

this seems like a poem part of a trilogy tetralogy

nice influential poem


oh i see,

she sounds like a very traumatized being as a child was it an autobiographical song Tell her etc?

having read now the lyrics since Alison also seems to like this song, I must say i saw nothing positive in this song that has no catharsis, no cure, nothing, just repetitive painful memories.

horribly painful non-cathartic song. but your poem was good technically speaking and had this aloofness which saved the day even for Beth now i see some edits and they are ambiguous.

reply edited.


Hi Pops.
Yes, I never knew anyone who can sing the blues better than Beth. She takes raunchy to previously unseen levels…even beating Janice Joplin…a true ‘one off’
Her song “Tell her he belongs to me” makes me cry every time I hear it.

The vulnerable child exposed…She has the ability to take emotion and distil it into a very potent brew, then share it to her audience.
She’s been at the bottom (as she sings) and her talent leaves an indelible etch on my soul.
Survivors do have inner beauty and wear their scars well.

Alison xx

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