Writing into blankness

I wish I could send
you a blank paper
without a drop of ink
and you could interpret
instantly, my feelings.

O words
I’m guilty
of molesting you
I have sheltered you,
never lived with you;
in all the fibs and fables
you were the untouchables.

For I have always hidden some words
never allowed them to surface
lest they brutally undress
me, my world
I try now to write on your mind
without the fluid
most of the times
they’d be shy and would cower
at other times
they’d remain as it were
pure, with power.

I now wipe with care the liquid
from those tearing leaves
transcend the innocent thought
that doesn’t block, doesn’t blot
but which in me blankly lives.

© supratik 2023
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very strong emotional poems you post lately Supratik

i like this one

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