Memo to self – Take Chocolate

This follows the tanka format 5/7/5/7/7 syllables per line but for ease of reading some of the stanzas are split. 

Rumours are spreading,
claiming I’m ‘playing away’
Samantha’s just rang –
she’s booked a ‘showdown’ dinner
and intends to get ‘the facts’.
If I tell the truth
she will throw a fit, and plates,
storm out. Leaving me
broken nosed, gravy stained, with
just the bill for company,
and grinning waiters.
I can’t use my ‘trust me’ look,
gazing adoring
into her eyes, dismissing
the gossip as dirty lies –
that won’t wash with Sam.
And if I look away or
stare at the carpet
she’ll know I’m hiding something.
I can distract her. Easy.
A bunch of flowers,
half a dozen red roses –
more than proof I care –
all women love red roses.
Say, “people are just jealous
of our special thing.”
Whisper tantalising words,
promise her the world. 
Hint at a Seychelles wedding
on a white sand sunset beach…
…It’s been a month since
I last heard from Samantha
she ignores my calls,
I should have taken a box
of Thornton’s dark chocolates. 

© coolhermit 2023
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