You talk fondly.

You are out there, you are real. you have feelings, you must be heard.


You talk of roses, but not in haste.

My vision and ears fixed!

No jealous vanity here.

Just Imagination, trained, full, receptive;

You lull my mind and catch my breath.

In my head, you weave the perfect picture.

I feel like I’m there.

I see them loose, free; as if running in the field,

Not captured in a garden, imprisoned, year round!

Rose; you are of beauty,

Rich in colour, rich in life…

I see in you strength,.

I watch as you dance in the breeze.

Bold, firm and fragrant.

Stems stem, twisting with little yield

Petals so strong and yet full of grace

You talk of roses, and I think of you.



Written on a special day, shared thoughts, like-minded souls…


© munster 2023
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