The everlasting dance

In the beginning there was movement…

There is no music without dancing
like there is no dancing without music;
they belong together
and are closely knit together,
music being but a spiritual dance
performed and executed by the fingers
or and by the mouth or voice
to give an outlet for the movements of the soul,
its caprioles, caprices, gambols and gambados,
voiced expressively in higher harmonies
to let the spirits soar and join the rhythms of the universe
partaking in its cosmic dances, piruettes and twirls.
It is a dance that never ends,
true music never being able to be halted,
terminated, interrupted or shut down,
the dancing of the universe continuing forever
without any force or power able to do anything about it
except join in, tune in and face the everlasting music.


© aurelio 2023
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