Frequenters Of My Garden

I’ve known these two soul mates
For many a year – watched them fly
Against sunset backdrop – pallet of
Colour takes my breath away,

As they wing their way home,
Feathers black
Like darkest night –
Eyes mysterious as the cosmos,

They’ve had their share
Of my garden feast,
Hidden beneath blades of
Green and daisies bright,

A recipe of true delight
To see them plummet into land…
Then up they fly beyond trees
Surveying all they perceive,

Crows nest high
Daring others
To venture
Near –

Even largest of birds
Would not take the challenge,
As shrieks of Caw! Caw!
Display element of surprise,

Yet, I watch
Their sharp-eyes
And call of danger!
Prompt alarm,

Setting wings in motion,
Scattering plumage,
No plan of action…just
Frequenters in flight.

By Featheredwing:

27th May 2018.

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Well, as one who happens to love crows and has written poems about them, how could I not like this?
Many lovely images. Welcome to UKA.
Alison x


I have frequenting Blue Jays. They lift my spirits each year. Loved your tribute in motion and color.

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