Goodbye, Distant Love

Everyman feels this when drunk and alone after getting dumped.

I sang for you
I danced for you
I wrote for you to win your love
I called for you in night time prayers
I pretended ‘happy for you’ when you adored another
I pretended sorrow when that love went sour
So many poems I could have spoken
So many Valentine’s I never sent
So many gifts I kept ungiven
So many kisses aimed for lips but
So many brushed your cheeks
So many times I wanted your hand
So many times I drew back
So many memories in the fire
So many ashes dusting the shore.

© coolhermit 2023
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Such an poignant expression of unrequited love. We’ve all been there and this one certainly brought back a memory that, with time, doesn’t still have the sting you describe here.


never felt like this and it must be horrible. i must say after reading your comments Gee and Coolhermit that not all of us have been there and sorry but there is a lot of melancholia even for those of us who never felt this way. but it’s horrible, and beyond my comprehension

hope you’re alright now! cheers

Milan Kundera said that unconsummated love is the most hellish or something like that, excuse my translation from Greek into English from a book translated from his language into Greek let us all remember we are all lost in translation and we remember or forget most of the time things we cannot put into words. anyway this is the book

i have tried to read Kazantzakis but his Greek is unbearable, i would perhaps read his books translated into English sometimes another language does wonders. why did I end up writing in a foreign language in the first place? because in modern Greek not only my poems but poems in generally do not sound good enough (with the exception of Ritsos and Elytis), had I known ancient Greek well enough I would have tried too. Kazantzakis at least in Greek is not for people like me that want out of respect to any language to be as clear and as… Read more »

the adventures of modern greek language were many and still haven’t stopped. we had a major linguistic problem from the beginning (especially early 19th century), Kazantzakis took let’s say the middle path quite intelligently however he was in favor of Demotiki too much and others wanted more formal Greek language with archaic tendencies not popular at all. And not populist. yes he is dense and he talks a lot. an idealist romanticist perhaps in my opinion.

Kazantzakis tried to mix them too. thank you too 🙂

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