My Way.


If I could love you as I wish

I’d count the stars within

your eyes, I’d know the 

contours of your heart,

enfold your every breath.


If I could love you as I should

I’d walk the forest mile, cross

all hungered oceans, skim

the wind burnt sky.


If I could only love you,

the way I know I can

I’d offer you my very soul

to crush within your hand.

© sweetwater 2019
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Hi Sue, good to see you back once again.What poignant statements there are in this little short poem.So much said in so few words.I love the last verse in particular, expressing my feelings now I have lost the love of my life.Oh yes, I would , gladly give my soul to love her once more..It brought tears to my eyes.Thank you for sharing Sue..PS:. I miss all our old friends from this site. Be lucky, Peter xxx

gee **

Beautiful expression of love and longing here. Some great phrases too.
I think we all need our time to grieve but it can help to express that love and loss when we’re ready. Good to see you back and posting.

ifyouplease ***

Socrates sent away just before his execution his wife and children, because he didn’t want grief, unfortunately when he drank the poison his male friends started crying like babies.

he told them to stop, mourning is the worst thing that can happen to a dead person, worse than death.

very interesting poem

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