Holy madness


Sweet folly of wisdom,
the experience of your hardship
is more valuable as education
than whatever merits of material life,
certificates, awards and medals
counting nothing in comparison
with the humility of personal disaster,
since most people have to learn the hard way
by surviving suicides and nervous breakdowns
to be kind and human, all that matters.

Indians of America regarded lunacy as sacred
with respect and veneration, as if idiocy
was actually a higher state of being than the normal one,
and they were right, since epilepsy too,
the actual idiocy, was termed “the holy sickness”
by those sages who knew better than ourselves
in this dehumanized denaturalized decadent perverted age
how to take care of life and nature
in ancient times of naturalness, harmony and order
guided more by druids, common sense and knowledge
than by politicians led by greed, ambition and incompetence.

Better then to be an idiot and know better
how to live in humble circumstances
than to make a universal mess of life.


© aurelio 2023
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