The Cruelty of Closed Doors

a thought

To close a door to anyone who seeks you,
to refuse communication,
to let down and leave to perish,
like in certain countries,
where the only help allowed is local national,
which does not work,
is out of nature and inhuman
in a silent cruelty
which actually is worse than open cruelty,
like burying someone alive instead of killing him first.
And yet, that silent cruelty
is the most common cruelty of all,
as refusing beggars every day,
ignoring tragedies,
and closing eyes to look the other way
when some injustice is committed.
So, when this inhuman cruelty appears so very common,
why then bother about it at all?
Unfortunately, the more it is permitted to go on,
the more a bother it becomes.


© aurelio 2023
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Whatever the situation life seems to mean so much less these days, But it’s not a new situation.
It’s not happening to me seems to be the acceptable norm. Yes it should bother us all whatever it is, but we tend to sit back and do nothing at all, perhaps it’ll go away.
Very meaningful words, but let’s be honest who is listening, certainly not governments or else something would be done. Sorry if I sound flippant but I do understand and feel for what you are saying…Tony


it is going to get worse day after day


It has ever been thus. A burst boil on my arse is of more immediate concern to me than a million people starving elsewhere. Keenly observed work.

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