Falling out of love

When you take the initial letters of the title of this poem you make the word fool. 

Was it some unheard word,
a compliment left unremarked,
a discarded sentence
defenceless against misinterpretation?

Did we leave the same world
at the same moment
with the true intent
of returning
but never quite made it back in time?

Were we always set
on different paths
meeting by chance,
not design,
there being no real destiny in our meeting?

We fall out of love together
each waiting for the other
to give reasons why
we are no longer


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very interesting poem


Chrissy I hope this is not about yourself. But quite often paths cross and are not meant to run together.
But it’s not about who was to blame for as they say it takes two to tango.
Good twist on the title…Tony


A lot of this goes on
If only we would communicate instead of blaming the other party for not reading our thoughts. Loved the piece.

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