Leaving Agrigento

Another poem about Sicily.


Leaving Agrigento

I will go there once more
before time and the turn of the tide
take me from this shore
and I will stand in the broad space
breathe the air
heavy with the dust of centuries.

I will see this place again
before I start
on my never to return journey.
I will touch the cold stone
with a soft hand
and add myself to its’ history.

And the pillars will still stand
rising from the red earth
and the beetles will still scurry
in their iridescent armour
between the fallen stones
and the sun will still throw javelins of light
between the ruins
and all will be
as it always has been
but I will not be there.


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Superb poem, I have never been there, nor ever will be but I could ‘see’ it through your words, better than any painting as it was so ‘alive’. Sue.

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