Let me soar away with you
on golden wings of blue
forever in my faithful love of you
to leave all that which we’ve gone through
to ever stick to what is true,
which only is my love of you.

How could you ever doubt my faithfulness,
as if you would prefer your loneliness
to all your lover’s usefulness,
while I could never bother less
to cure your boredom’s emptiness
with raving jealous silliness,

since all I care for is to stick to you,
my only perfect love, in endlessness.


© aurelio 2023
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Enjoyed this little love piece, if you had put the 2nd last line with the first stanza and the last line with the 2nd stanza they would have made full monorhyme stanzas…Tony


I enjoyed this. I enjoyed the rhymes and the rhythm. I couldn’t tell you what this form of poetry is called but I did enjoy it and I wish somebody would write me a love poem.
Do no harm.

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