Good to be Gnome

There could be more things alive in your garden than you think.


Good to be Gnome


I’ve always thought of myself as a good gnome

Standing in the garden of someone’s home

Beside a pond, pretending to fish

This had always been my greatest wish


But into the garden they brought someone else

I got moved, it was like being put up on the shelf

I think they were right out of order

Demoting me to another part of the border


There I stood for hours and hours

Amongst the plants and all the flowers

I kind of felt out of place

As someone else occupied my space


I was beginning to think things looked black

Until one morning they put me back

Once again I stand in pride of place

I had more than a smile upon my face


It was beyond my greatest wish

My replacement kept falling amongst the pond fish

Couldn’t compete with the wind on his own

You see he was made of plastic, not like me, I’m made of stone.




© potleek 2023
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Although I am not a gnome person this made me smile and I shall now see all gnomes in a different light.
Good fun read 🙂


This made me smile.
I am not a great lover of things plastic and I was rather pleased the usurper got his come-uppance. If he tried for a position in my ‘garden’ the winds we get round here would blow him over the mountains and half way to Ireland.
I thought this was really good and I liked the rhymes.
Thanks for cheering me up.
Do no harm

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