Three Poems, for R.


Those Days, Fridays


Rushing in from Memphis

I’d fumble with my key

And surprise! just inside

The door, blood lips, smoky

Raccoon eyes, You.

From the rear, your favorite,

Snugly we fit together.

Your little giggle, Baby

Bingo, Bingo, Bingo Baby.

Then, I came, pumping

My need deep into you.

Asserting my claim, again.


July 4, 2008


Fireworks starring black sky,

Red, blues, yellows.

Drinking wine in the church

Parking lot.  Standing

Behind you, hands in your hair,

Sliding my hands from neck

To collar bone, running over

The swell of your breasts

To pinch your nipples, stars.


Curtains Drawn


Shucking her tee shirt,

She takes him first

In fist, then in teasing mouth.

She enjoys her power.

He tenses, his back arches.

Smiling she has promised

To drain him dry,

And rhythmically does.

She slides up.  Her head

On his chest.  On-and-on

They lie, alone in the world

And outside time, Eden.


© slovitt 2023
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