Goddess in Distress

One from me book of pomes.

I was bored at a Baggot Street party
An exclusive gathering of ‘the literati’
Publisher’s orders – not my choice of company
Until a red-haired vision
Sent my imagination winging
To Venus – as per Botticelli.
If she noticed me
My bohemian dishevelry,
Air of left bank poverty,
Might have turned her off,
Or turned her on…
Her wine glass, by obscuring her mouth
Drew my eyes up to her eyes,
Red-rimmed and raw. I guessed,
From one too many sorrows,
Covertly scanning the room.
She sat demurely
Chatting to a queue of suitors
Fat-bellied, putative tigress tamers
Different men with one naked ambition –
To rip off her clothing
And surf the waves of passion
Churning deep within her.
Until the thrill of her seduction faded
And a fresh lust object took their fancy.
Glad not to be like other men
I leaned against a doorjamb
Rimming my tongue tip
Around my brandy glass
Admiring her deft repelling of
Drooling ‘boarders to be’
With plangent smiles
They chose to translate as ‘come-ons’. 
I would make those sad eyes smile
Whisk her away to happy captivity
Then let her fly free, but only
After a night or two in bed with me.
I ran my tongue around my lips
Before panther easing from the door
And casually lowering on to a chair
That, I blame the drink, for this,
Was not positioned precisely
Where I reckoned it to be.
My brandy splashed the priceless rug – Kashmiri.
The woman looked at me disdainfully,
Then swivelled her eyes to the bulbous eyes
Of a local Nabob – a porcine bastard,
Rich as Croesus with a chain of hotels
And a fleet of buses.
She smiled and flicked her hair
Straightened his tie coquettishly.
A moment’s chat – an exchange of nods
Then arm in arm they headed to the door.
Still sprawled, I called,
“Catch yerself on, Macushla!
He’s a first-class evil bastard…
He’ll flatten you like a rutting boar
Like he does to all his whores!”
Her sad eyes sparkled,
A discreet smile played on her lips
She had landed a big fish at last.
‘La dolce vita’ lay ahead.
The ‘big fish’ was delighted too,
Another strumpet netted
To film and fillet
On his two-way mirrored
Orgy bed.


© coolhermit 2023
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