Take an apple break

My cell has become my cell
but worse is desktop, I can tell
I have ceased to breathe free
to be under a winsome tree
in garden of flowers and fruits
to retrieve my fading roots.

Nature I see on screen
but the one that’s out serene
I ignore to see and smell
this weakens every cell
I run tad out of breath
waste my time at length.

The techs are not so bad
they often make us glad
they were bought to ease our life
but we’re seized and trapped in file
they came to us for sure
so we’d work a little less
but we slog now even more
and find us all in stress.

O my loving mind
be a little kind
drive us from this mess
tell us how to find
a balance and be friends
with all these helpful techs.

© supratik 2023
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