One of those bad news days, It happens to so many, we all live in hope!


I arrive unsure, why I am here, could you tell me?

“You are the porter” sorry!

I am confused, fearful, I cannot focus, I cannot think, how do I read the signs?

Ah, there is my department…I go inside and wait my fate.
I sit in line, so many thoughts running through my mind.

Not alone, one of many to hear the news good or bad.
This is a one-way street, no turning back…it’s a matter of fact.

They tell you small stories, fed piecemeal, to leave you worrying, to wonder all the rest.
Left alone, it seems, to debate our own fate.

Are you okay? Am I okay? Will we ever know?

I pause and predict, can it be cured or has life left it too late for me?

I have arrived in a happy phase of my troubled life, retirement reaches out.

Am I selfish, or not quite ready yet…

We so often told your health is your wealth and for sure they were right.

But let’s not drown in self-pity, don’t even feel down and certainly not sorry.

Feeling self-pity is the wrong road just now.

You never know, they have been wide of the line before!.

Maybe we could be the lucky ones and they could be once more…

Well, one thing’s for sure thousands have gone before,

I won’t be the last to walk this path…many more to come!

Its mother nature’s way…fate will take its turn…



© munster 2023
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