Storytellers and Healers

Intro: The world today needs storytellers and healers as much as other professionals for a holistic approach to a healthier  mankind that alone can pave the way for peace and harmony in these turbulent times and spread hope.


Storytellers and Healers

World needs more of Storytellers and Healers
More than Speculators and Arms Dealers.
When land, waters, sky, in a frenzy get hounded,
It is they who keep humanity, sane and grounded.
Ignite the curious child in us and keep the stoke alive,
Setting intelligence on fun mode, a much needed drive.

As much as Doctors and Engineers
Open up our hearts without a scalpel,
Instil silence in mind, they need no needle.
Allow the soul to stay calm and mend on its own,
Without hindrance with self doubts and fears unknown.
Build bridges of faith to heal,
With no brick, cement or steel.
Prevent depression from engulfing mankind,
By intuition and coding to read one’s mind.

As much as Teachers and Pilots
Lead us to freedom on paths less trodden,
For a fulfilling life, in sync with the Creation.
Take us aloft with their lofty rumination,
Neither use wings nor an engine’s propulsion.

As much as Scientists and Mathematicians
Inventing better versions of mankind- being the mission.
Exploring thy self from within, Without labs therein.
Only they know the Math of multiplying happiness by dividing it,
Minus hatred by adding love, every bit.

As much as Accountants and Bankers
Create assets with Imagination,
By writing off detractive temptations.
Invest in integrity and values,
To withdraw and replenish, pending no dues.

As much as Players & Sportsmen
Shake us up from within,
To reform the outer being.
In competition with none,
Need to awaken in us, the Zen.
By living in the moment,
To win over our opponent.
Train to rein in Anger,
And play Life Games with candour.

As much as Defence and Armed Forces
Safeguard from negative influences.
Protect borders around thoughts and deeds,
Foil attempts to indulge in greed.
Wage war to win over attitude,
Help fight own battles with fortitude.

World has been guided and steered by dreamers,
Clairvoyants, harbingers, doers and seekers.
Unveiling the rainbows behind dolorous screens,
How Universe conspires to attain our dreams.
Masters of esoteric knowledge and Revealers,
World needs more of Story-tellers and Healers.



© Gomathi 2023
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Gomathi ! Well done. A very well-deserved nomination.


This is great! The world indeed needs more story tellers and healers.

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