Nothing much has changed
as far as views, eyes exchange
ears review and hear.

Stars still fall and rise
time apparels in disguise
horizon seldom comes near.

Greed breeds chastening grief
overcast mind doesn’t know of relief
until for a split, clouds clear.

The overweight bird falls on the ground
wings clipped, its tender chirps screech around
the flyer crawls in agony and fear.

Civilization with poisoned holocaust
earlier it attacked from the back, at any cost
now it appears from the rear.

Lust violates love in broad daylight trysts
words defeat words, actions freeze at ease
intent remains the same, content and form differ.

Feathers are falling, failing to fly
truths in their spaces, unable to lie
yet nothing has changed in thousands of years.

If it’s time to change, all birds in nesting trees
drop those silly thoughts, from the minds to the seas
killers resting in us will surely disappear.

© supratik 2023
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Oh mon Dieu! Left speechless Suprtik. Salute your enigmatic style..Each stanza loaded with truth, is composed so well with a gentle care. “Feathers are falling, failing to fly..truths in their spaces unable to lie..” Thankyou for writing this

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