Now there’s no escape
the mind has opened
like the door
for long it was used
excused as closed, unfriendly.

It is pounding
like my heart
overwhelmed with
warmth of companionship
clouded so long, now free.

It has spread
like the sky, a blue saree
I gifted to my beloved
I am now one with her
separated for years.

The tension on the stage
softened, as far as I can see
borrowed faith and fear
then, reborn in chain, had to change
there is no escape now.

© supratik 2023
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Your “Now” can be a harbinger of such immense peace! A huge sense of relief reading it. Now is the time, with mind’s door opening, ushering in all the awaiting, real pleasures. To quote the Roman Emperor, Marcus Aurelius, “Confine yourself to the present”. The only way to be with oneself, change, get rid of all the unknown fears, hesitations, prejudices, to live in peace.
The lyrics are so fine. Especially “It has spread like the sky, a blue saree..”
Thankyou Supratik for this marvelous poem, living in the Now, living realtime!

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