Autumn Stands Sullen.

Dawn rose late and dusk fell early.

Dowdy clouds dressed in 

grey, drift across a 

down-heeled dawn

limpet leaves embrace

the stem as tears of

autumn know their loss.

Such clothing shed,

all pretence lost beyond

the shaded bronze,

time shall call an early

dusk to cloak their stricken



© sweetwater 2020
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Apart from some reservations about the form of presentation, which, to me, reduces the beauty of your work, or rather doesn’t present it in its best light Sue, I like the images and the fine nuancing your word choice always achieves. (Just a couple of things, “Stands” in the title should not have an apostrophe, and “down-heeled” should be hyphenated, and some other punctuation?). Enjoyed your special feel for Nature again.


Reads beautifully now, a very fine poem.

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