Just a Breeze

Be grateful for small mercies.

“In a Season of Monsters,
Gulf Coast Feels Lucky
All It Got Was Nate”
This was the headline
in the New York Times.
It appears that this storm
was more sedate.
That it wasn’t as bad
as Irma and Maria
is the general belief.
Terry Gentry’s car,
which was hit by a branch
that fell from a tree
was left with a cracked glass
and a bent hood.
His reaction? Intense relief.
“I feel blessed” he said,
“All my family is good.”
The authorities stress
that the damage was minimal
and what the storm left
is an inconvenient mess.
© Luigi Pagano 2017


© ionicus 2023
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I like this. Also very fitting for our hurricane epidemic-like times. I like the inclusion of dialogue and how it is written like a news report. Good last line too.

Rachel 🙂


Nice to read about storms, they can evoke so many powerful emotions,, clear the air, let you forget all those nasty scandals for a short moment…

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