A Reliable Source (Fiction challenge)


Maria was going to confront Guy at the earliest opportunity and there would be fireworks, she had no doubt about that.
She had been invited to dinner on Sunday, the 5th of November, by his mother and that’s when she intended to put her cards on the table and ask him what he was playing at. In front of his mum, to see him squirm, the little worm.
Rumours that she believed to be reliable, as they had been conveyed by her best friend Susan, had reached Maria that he was two-timing her and secretly meeting Lucinda who was plotting to replace her in his affections.
‘Boys, will be boys’, said Auntie Mabel who was on her third husband and knew a thing or two, ‘It’s only a passing phase. It will blow over.’
All very well, Maria mused, but it was a bitter pill to swallow.
On reflection the thought that he had not respected her dignity played on her mind and she decided to drop him like a ton of bricks immediately.
It was only when the banns of marriage between Guy and Susan were published that Maria realised that she had been hoisted by her own petard.

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Great twist at the end. One of those stories that mean you have to read and absorb every single word to get the point.

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