Driving Rain

Forcefully the rain is driven.

Icy and relentless, I feel rain upon my face.

Home and warmth has bidden.

As the icy deluge causes me pain, I increase my pace.

Can hardly see as the down pour floods my eyes.

The suction of my wet clothes, as saturated they cling to me and the puddles.

My boots leak, letting in the rain water; “good Winter boots”, Oh!what lies!

No cover in sight; I must look an awful sight; it baffles.

I hear the splashing of falling, puddled waterfalls.

The rain falling so fiercely causing the puddles to swirl and froth.

Rainwater, awash and washing the Streets as it falls.

Trickle to roaring water contributories gather the pace; as it falls and spills it’s wrath. 

Home at last as it all tumbles passed the open gate.


By Eleri.61

© Eleri.61 2023
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Quite an effective picture of heavy rain, though it lacks colour and emotion. There are, however, several grammatical errors and awkward word choices which detract from a potentially good poem.

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