A Place Where The Teepees Stood

A Native American Tale

A place where the tepees stood




A place where we would often dream

By the edge of a sparkling stream

That ran through a shaded wood

A place where the tepees stood


A place where it was good to be

Where all the animals ran so free

A place to spend all our days, if only we could

That was where the tepees stood


Prairies rolled as far as you could see

The ideal place for us to be

But to move, we were told that we should

To leave the place where the tepees stood


With sword and rifle the soldiers came

They didn’t come to hunt for game

The ground then ran red in our people’s blood

The place where the tepees stood


 We were hunted and herded as was their plan

Every woman child and man

But some fought back until it was no good

To save the place where the tepees stood


But as the eagles soar over the sky

I have often asked the reason why

In my heart I feel the spirits pass over the land

Where once again we will see the tepees stand.


© potleek 2023
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A good expressive poem but with the scansion faltering at times.
In the second line of the final stanza it should be ‘asked’.

 <span title="Experienced Commenter" style="font-size : small; color: orange;">**</span><p>

Quite a lot, really.


I like the images in this very much and also the repeated final line in each verse. I’m not quite so keen on the continual obvious rhyming at the ends of lines, but having said that I liked it a lot overall. Sue.


I like rhyming poetry a lot but I do prefer the rhyming words to be a less obvious pairing choice. But as you say everyone enjoys different forms of poetry. Sue.

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