Moonlight Fair:

A memorable family holiday:

Bright coloured lights, twinkling in the moonlight.

Loud, energetic music blared out into the night.

Smells of fast food pervades, intensifying my hungry plight.

I make bee line to the hot dog seller, and appease my appetite.

Taking in the atmosphere, of the fair’s thrills and spills.

Observing young and old alike, enjoying life; fulfils.

Watching the crowds of people as they mill;

Around, some choosing to take a ride that mounted a hill.

After an hour of touring the fair, I found to my delight,

I had won a teddy bear.

Also a goldfish; which survived in my care.

And a ticket for a free ride on the helter-skelter there.

By moonlight, I saw youngsters kiss.

And old couples hand in hand, all a bliss.

Some young children yawning; at the sleep they miss.

Above all my enjoyment that, nothing was amiss.


By Eleri.61 



© Eleri.61 2023
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has the feel of a night stroll round the fair well conveyed, but should be tagged as fiction, I mean come on who ever heard of a fair ground goldfish surviving 🙂

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