The Worldwide Child:

Technology in it’s infancy:

The worldwide child blinks.

This child will never learn.

And demonstrates worldwide links;

The child is taught every subject that can earn.

Worldwide child splutters it’s anger and violence.

Demonstrating sensationalism.

What a clever child; as askance I glance.

Out pours the child’s realism.

How the clever child entertains us all.

And masterminds, forecasts and projections.

Worldwide child portrays it all, without forestall.

As millions daily decide for the child, it’s selections.

Omnipotently, the child stretched it’s sight.

All seeing and being: past, present and future, portrayed.

Into the heavens it eventually took flight.

Whilst “time”; the child waylaid.

by Eleri.61



© Eleri.61 2020
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Welcome to UKA, I liked your poems, hopefully I got it right here, are you talking about AI, artificial intelligence?


I think this is a very astute poem, well-written, and professing what probably are some basic truths about the pureness of the infant brain before secondary revision that comes with language acquisition starts to corrupt the mind. I suppose the wider communication that is a part of technological advancement is a major factor in the loss of innocence and purity of thought all this entails. Anyway, made me think.

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