Long-Lost reality

High in a tower, high in the hot African sun, two

little translators have had enough as the scourge

of self-assessment lurks after the Government

had curtailed the requisite service to keep all State

Departments globally communicative – reviewing

dribs and drabs of the little documents they had

the exquisite privilege to translate, lost in a sea of


Blind towering buildings in Pretoria, anachronism in

the blinding African sun; reality is shaking and the

earth is heaving as political masters destroy the last

vestiges of efficiency and appoint the unworthy to

force nuclear disaster on South Africa; the market is

disgorging pension funds plummeting to new depths

and blindly, against all the odds, two little translators


Valiantly struggle against life itself to get their job done,

to keep the Foreign Languages Section afloat as African

masters conclude the world is irrelevant – only depleting

the life force of the society in which the ANC is wielding

its destructive political clout is worth considering, the rest

is dross and South Africa will be destroyed – oh, how can

this be? Ah, but we used to pray to a God within religious


Structures whose strictures proved to be false as it was

founded on slavery and eternal exploitation of our people

based on prejudice and race – so there you have it, nothing’s

changed and valiantly we struggle to achieve nothing within

the tattered fabric of an ill-defined, long-lost reality…


[Wednesday 18 October 2017]



© Marilese 2023
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