Mental Sojourn:

How true it is that a physical wound heals faster than an injured mind.

Recently broke my wrist it took six weeks to heal.

My mental ill-health continues to drain my health, you’ll find.


Masking moments of dispare and confusion. Why was I born so afflicted?

Some answer amidst all the confusion depicted.

How creative my mind can be and so devastating;

Destructively, crushing and destroying thoughts at will.

Trashing ideas:so harmful, some are like being addicted.

Maybe it’s time to take my medication and swallow a pill.

Time to let some ideas take hold.

Thinking instead of reaction to help these thoughts embrace the salvation of my mind and soul.

For I dislike these lessons of futility, we have to live, as it is no way to live.


by Eleri.61



© Eleri.61 2023
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