On Winter Nights (Poetry challenge)

A verbless poem (as per Nic’schallenge).

On winter nights,
after a week of hard work,
bright and cosy
in our warm room,
in a comfortable chair
by a roaring log fire.
a Havana cigar
or a cigarette.
No, better not
(good health
a consideration).
But a bottle of malt
on a silver salver
and a crystal glass,
– full of golden nectar –
in one’s hand,
most definitely yes.
Pure heaven!
© Luigi Pagano 2017


© ionicus 2020
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critique and comments welcome.
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First, does this piece meet the criteria of the challenge? Absolutely. No verbs to be found anywhere. Congratulations! And ten stars (as IYP would undoubtedly add) of your choosing! 🙂

This piece evoked a picture of relaxed, legs-stretched-out armchair reflection for me, with your speaker in blissful contemplation of those smaller yet so richly valuable moments and pleasures in life with which we indulge and comfort ourselves. Like too, the smiles and nods of agreement/understanding you manage to elicit from your reader.

Perhaps: Then, temptation?

Good and very enjoyable read, ionicus. Moi, bel person.. 🙂


My sort of winter weekend, Luigi. The nectar of the Gods, single malt. No verbs, in fact no action at all apart from bottle to glass, glass to lips, and occasional patting the logs with the poker so that blue sparks fly all around. You nearly put me to sleep with this smooth poem, a list of adjectival phrases becoming pure heaven. Good one, Luigi!

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