Father to Father


Shouting and screaming, you rained your blows down
And then knelt at my feet as your tears hit the ground
I prayed every new day would bring me some hope
So often I’d gag on a wet bar of soap
You accused me of lying but knew it wasn’t true
It’s was just the excuse that you wanted, to beat me anew
You knew I was constantly hurting, but unable to cry
Despite the large swellings that appeared under my eyes

You said “crying is weakness and I’m making you strong”
But you never convinced me – not once, all along
“I’ll make you a man and you’ll be lion hearted”
That’s what you said when the beatings first started
I lied to friends about bruises I was unable to hide
And kept my true feelings well hidden inside
I clearly remember the thoughts in my head
‘One day this man will not stop – until I am dead’

So now I’m a man – and I am lion hearted
But it has nothing to do with how my life started
For I’m nothing like him. I am kind and I’m caring
Not selfish or cruel and I know love is for sharing
I have children and grandkids I love and adore
They’ll never see me at their feet, knelt on the floor
I was damaged for sure, but try to not let it show
So I’ve hidden the person that nobody knows

Sometimes when alone I think how things were then
And it gets pretty scary, like I’m back there again
But if he were here now – to him I would say
“Here is the man you created – today”
“You hit me until I was so black and so blue
But I never allowed anyone, to talk badly of you
And ‘tho you covered your fist with that thick woolly glove
You just could not extinguish my love

No you could not extinguish my love

© marvo 2023
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This just proves that blood is thicker than water.
I can understand where you are coming from,

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