Priory Cottage Summer.

A group of three poems under the one title. 

               -1 –

To sit beneath the cherry

now, where silence stems from

every bough. Orbs of green

fair blush with red, bejewelled

gifts for autumn’s tread.


            – 2-

This gentle garden country

blessed, holds to her heart

a treasure chest.

Aflare with flower, perfumed

pressed a buxom beauty

summer dressed.


– Priory Cottage Harvest –

Fields have cast aside

their gold,

and bask unclothed

beneath the sun.


© sweetwater 2023
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critique and comments welcome.
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Love the first and last of these Sue, such rich images, delightful. my only real nit with the second poem was the line break on country, it threw me off, would you consider breaking after blessed instead, for me it would help but it could just be me, Very much enjoyed. Keith


Nice little vignettes
But I do believe the last three lines of the second poem deserve your attention and revision

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