The Buxom Barmaid

Not politically correct I guess but there are still pubs around with the “traditional” barmaid serving there. Hence this poem.

She stands behind the bar

the buxom chatty lass,

lapping up all the attention

as she fills another glass.

She’s pulled pints for years

in the pub every night,

she teases the male customers

in skirts short and tight.

But it’s all just an act

to bring the punters in,

to her it’s just a job

as she pours out another gin.

She’s an actress on a stage

in a role she likes to play,

but with a family at home

she needs the extra pay.

So the next time you see her

and she gives you a seductive wink,

it’s not because she fancies you

she just wants you to buy another drink ! 



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Haha I love this I was reminded of those ‘naughty’ holiday postcards you could get that always had very buxom jolly ladies confronting weedy, spindly little men.
Fun poem, much enjoyed 🙂 Sue.


Hi Sue,
just got round to reading this lovely contribution of yours.It reminded me of a particular buxom lady in a German Bar during the war.I must have been ogling,,being a love starved soldier,
for she asked me if I wanted to have a look.If so I would have to wait until closing time.Be lucky, Peter xxx.


Sorry Kevin , thank you for pointing out my mistake.You have to forgive a 91 year old geezer.Have a lot on my mind at present including trying to retain my memory, or should I say my sanity.Just joking! Be lucky, Peter.

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