The Long Trek (Part Five.)

Another start.Same department, different Consultant.

So the whole lot started all over again.Imagine my surprise when two of the nurses who had treated me originally in 2008 came rushing over when I entered the treatment room,threw their arms around me and “welcomed” me back.I was so surprised that I couldn’t even say that I was not happy to be back.It was however like a homecoming.

By this time I was taking Edna with me to all my appointments, as I did not want her to stay at home by herself. She had a wonderful befriender, but that was not the answer on these occasions.

I know that it could be difficult for Edna to be by herself even with our befriender. There had been an occasion during the past,when I was admitted to hospital with a TIA (Trans -Ischaemic  Attack),when Edna stayed with our daughter for one night, which had turned out a catastrophic event for all.

The change of scenery, and different surroundings had resulted in a very disturbed episode for Edna and all concerned.Their difficulty in being able to deal with Edna’s disturbed behaviour,and the fact that I was not around led me to discharge my self against medical advice,in order to restore some sort of normality.Once we were home all was as if nothing had happened.

So back to my treatment .I recurred every three weeks for six sessions. The duration of each session was dependent on the speed with which other departments were able to respond to varying requests of Haematology.

Intravenous infusions were interspersed with X-Rays, Scans,Consultations etc.Never a dull moment.In between treatment sessions I had visits at home from the District Nurse to take blood and to give me injections to boost my immune system.

In spite of her own affliction Edna coped very well with my occasional difficulties due to various side effects.I did as much as I was able to for us with help from the family when we needed it.

During this time I was told to check my temperature regularly and to call the department if it rose over 38 degrees.All went well for a time.Then one late afternoon I found that my temperature was well over 38 degrees.On phoning the department of Haematology I was told to call for an ambulance at once,and to go straight to the ward instead of A&E.Like myself, they were concerned that I might be heading for a Neutropenic Sepsis.

On arrival at the ward I was immediately allocated a bed,and an intravenous canula was inserted into my left arm,followed by antibiotic injections at four hourly intervals  initially.I was informed by the Ward Doctor that I would have to stay in Hospital for a couple of nights at least.

What a dilemna,what would happen to Edna?The family could not cope,remembering the last disturbed episode.I consulted the Nurse Practitioner who told me not to worry as she had already arranged for a bed to be available at nights in another ward for Edna for the duration of my stay.What a relief.I was told that this was done tom remove the stress form my mind,which could be hindering my recovery.

Everything seemed to be thought of, and I settled down to try to get better quickly.Little knowing what was in store for us.

(To be continued.)



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