My best friend


I always lived with him

and he was always close to me,

more close than any man and any friend

as I could never willingly get rid of him;

and as he always stayed in close relationship

I found that he was actually my best friend

although only something of an abstract dream,

a phantom and abstraction, an idea of darkness

always faithfully reminding me of facts of life,

my destination and my fate

to always journey deeper into darkness

with more tragedies and drawing closer unto death,

a life of constantly increasing deeper darkness

never ending anything but always getting thicker,

as I found my best friend even from the start

to always follow me and wait until the very end to catch me,

always waiting patiently upon me, always being there,

my friend in need indeed eternally for life

and hiding under the anonymous abstraction known as death.


© lailaroth 2023
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