Never look back

Some truisms


You learn from your experience,
but what you learn should only serve your future.
Therefore, to look back and linger there
will only hold you back and slow you down.
There is no greater harm, for instance, to a work of art
than overworking it, to go on working on it when it’s finished,
which will just detract from its completeness.
Memories of old are good to dwell on,
but they never can replace the present moment
in its crucially decisive shaping of the future.

When an old man proves his dotage going gaga,
he will only have his memories to live on,
but they can not help him if he fails
in living now and going on creating life and future.

There is no excuse for letting go or stepping down;
life will not stop for your sake, if you want to stop it.


© aurelio 2023
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