The living dead


You do not belong to them,

but they belong to you,

all those you loved and always missed,

who gave their love

and you could never do without,

which is why they will never leave you

but protect you and be with you always

to such an extent that you and they are one.

You are like them, eternal in your love,

more loving actually than when they were alive,

as you will be when you are gone,

more loving afterwards than when you were unknown

but for your physical appearance and trivialities,

while you and they belong to timelessness,

which will be your dimension more and more

the further you go on, insisting on your love

in spite of all the brutal deaths around you

and the wickedness of mundane man,

who always shattered and destroyed your life,

while you will all the same go on

and fool them all by carrying on your love

in company with all the living loving dead.

© lailaroth 2023
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