The controversial course of history
has never been more difficult to follow,
civilization going down the drain
bogged down in drug abuse,
exaggerated medication as the universal cure
which only is an excuse for abuse and an illusion,
turning humankind to zombies,
dumbed, reduced to passive zeros
so as to be handled with less difficulty
by establishment authorities,
the only ones to gain
from common idiocy and ignorance.
What shall we do, the “happy” few,
so isolated in our exile from this world mess,
being quite alone in seeing through it all
and kept at bay by the establishment authorities
in poverty and isolation far away
not to disturb “the peace of idiocy and ignorance”
and “happiness” of the established course to hell.
We can point out that we exist,
and that is about all that we can do.
The worst thing we could do is nothing,
and the knack we have and power of the word
compels us never to fall silent
but to constantly keep up the urge and the necessity
to ever more insist on more enlightenment.


© aurelio 2023
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