Old love never rusts



Old love never rusts and never changes
but grows with the years not only in maturity
but most of all in durability,
so that it almost seems quite natural
that it not only must remain for always
but is also just another chapter of the past,
as if it never really had any beginning
or, if it had, it was long since forgotten
far away in the eternity of timeless past;
which means, that love at present
is but a parenthesis, an interlude,
the tiniest link of an interminable chain
just linking two eternities together,
one of the past and another of the future.
Naturally we tend to emphasize the present,
dramatize it and exaggerate it,
and there is no harm done,
for as long as we keep in perspective
and keep well in view the past eternal
and connected to the everlasting future.


© aurelio 2023
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