Suicidal satanism


I had nowhere else to go

as I was ruined by injustice

and let down by those I most depended on.

There was no mercy in the bringing on

of holocausts galore against my life and freedom,

so I should have let myself be murdered

and have done with all the falseness of humanity;

but I was left alive and forced to grim survival,

nothing more remaining than the last resort of darkness

and its powers of the hopelessness of hell

with the reality of coping with the ultimate adversity

compelling you to extraordinary measures

of black magic, using evil for good ends

and giving up your soul and life and your eternity

to the dark master of impenetrable unfathomability,

the living black hole of existence as a means for carrying on

with insight, knowledge, influence and power

to at all be able to continue with your work.

It is an act of suicidal desperation

to abandon all your self to the demonic darkness of eternity,

but if you are let down by everyone and all things else,

you actually have no alternative.

© lailaroth 2023
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