Fruitful tears


Is sorrow, then, the only thing that lasts,

that always keeps returning,

dressing you consistently in mourning

in the warmest but the dreariest clothes,

all black, engulfing you in darkness

in the everlasting tears

that keep supporting, nourishing,

enriching and sustaining mother earth,

all life, the oceans by the crying rains,

which we could never do without

and always need, no matter how

uncomfortably sorrowful they are.

Yes, sorrow always will be there,

but not for dragging you down to depression,

not for your suppression or oppression

but for watering your lilies and your garden,

cultivating your development and sensitivity

and challenging you to expansion by self knowledge,

forcing you to face the truth and beauty

always found in all reality

despite the fact that it will always make you suffer.

© lailaroth 2023
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Sorry for such a late comment, I read all this weeks poems on Monday but have been unexpectedly busy, baby sitting etc.,
I love this poem, and the way you have turned the black cloak of sadness Into something lighter, more positive. Sue x

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