On Exits, Cycles and Cosmic Connection.

Reflections on loss.


Dawn and dusk have melted into one.
A loving mist of communion.
The heart opens and connects
in symbiotic symphony.

Twilight heralds first light,
more swiftly than before.
Fast-forwards the dark hours.

My bare feet greet the grass in gratitude.
Knowing that which seems lost
can never be.

A dew-soaked remembrance…
A loving entwinement
beyond space and time.
To love is a Holy Estate that
raises the soul
beyond comprehension.
Dispenses comfort
banishes grief.

We are the grass
and the dew.
And so it is.

© stormwolf 2020
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This is lovely Alison, I like the thought behind this, being one with the universe has always been a strong belief of mine. Your last verse says everything. Sue x


Hi HA x, I too, am of the same mind as Sue, one differentiated bundle of cosmic energy like a continually cascading pool, and which you’ve captured so well in this poem. If there is a positive force or uniting energy, it’s love. I like the alliteration of ‘My bare feet greet the grass in gratitude’, and the ending especially. I like too the use of ‘dew’ as a metaphor for impermanence, but nevertheless eternally reforming, condensing and then becoming new beads of water again in daily cycles as does life-death-and fresh life, in the natural process of living things.… Read more »

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