My beauty isn’t the valuable commodity it once was,
I’ve gone to off-the-rack from haute couture.
You can exchange me for the latest fashion,
but you will always feel the weight of my laughter
freshly pressed against your chest late at night. 
You’ll remember when even silence was comfortable
and light—the way a smile could bury our sin.
There’s a receipt here which itemizes
the price of an innocence you misunderstood.
Kept to remind me how expensive everything is
in this house we’ve refurbished with our discord,
and that I’ll always be one luxury you cannot afford.

© jolen 2021
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Such a polished and skilled poem, Jolen, on how relationships can deteriorate over time.
The second line – I’ve gone to off-the-rack from haute couture – is particularly powerful as it indicates self deprecation and the resignation felt on the realisation of fading beauty.
The third line reminded me of a joke I made to my wife when I said that I would exchange her for two models half her age. Never happened, of course, and you are right: I would have felt the weight of the loss of happy memories.
You haven’t lost your touch.
Luigi xxx


Jolen. I suppose we are all commodities in one way or another – and nobody can ever be owned, but I am sure you will make it okay – remember you cam always escape on your magic broom stick 😉
You certainly covered a lot of ground with the above…
gerry x.


This is wonderful, I loved every word.


Good to catch your poetry again, Jolen… wiked witch of the western world. Give me laughter above all else any time of the day. We’re friends on Facebook, by the way. My user name is the Irish Gaelic version of my surname. Best regards, Mick.

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