Leave me out

from the mortality of your barbarity,

humanity, committed hopelessly to ignorance,

preferring noise to music,

violence and sexual abuse to love,

the pursuit of vulgarity and wallowing therein

instead of finding peace in nature,

which you rather irresponsibly pollute

and poison than take care of and enjoy;

but I don’t judge you or condemn you

but condemn myself instead

to constant alienation from you all

in an eternity of exile in myself

to spare myself the pain of seeing the perdition

of the inhumanity that could have been humanity.

© lailaroth 2023
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A powerful piece, no mistake about that. I relate to a great deal of it and agree. I think that it difficult to remain hopeful and encouraged today.


I do condemn and I would prefer alienation from the society we have allowed to destroy our world and our decency. Fantastic poem very relatable. Sue. X

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